The Clan Buchanan Society International Inc.

A message from our new Chief

History of the CBSI

The CBSI was formed in 1970 as the Clan Buchanan Society in America.  It was founded at the Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina.  The name was later changed to the Clan Buchanan Society International Inc., to reflect our society's expanded purpose and membership. 

The society is currently divided into sixteen regions with many members active throughout the United States and around the world.  The wonderful thing about the CBSI is that any person who is of Buchanan descent or one of the Septs (associated family names) can join and celebrate their Scottish heritage with many links to Buchanan activities, genealogist, etc.  We also accept people who know they are of Scottish descent, but are not sure what their clan or history might be!

All photographs used on the site are available in full color on the Gallery Page.

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